Book of ERP (Vol I & II)
Author: Vipul Goel, iERP Company
Title :Book of ERP
Author :Vipul Goel
Price :$19.99
Last Updated :Dec 25, 2019
Publisher :iERP Company
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This book is a game changer in the enterprise software world.

- Ravi Sodhi, University Professor
The Book of ERP is written especially for the stake holders of for-profit enterprises or members of non-profit organizations who have a vested interest in improving the performance (top-line growth or the bottom-line) of their organization and who strive for more. It is about maximizing profits and at the same time allowing them to wade through the complexity, ambiguity, and chaos of today's technology offerings. An easy to read non-technical book and requires no computer software skills whatsoever. All that is needed is a web browser. It provides "Why", "where", "how-much" and "how-to" of social ERP and the traditional ERP in the hands of people who have pressing business problems to solve, little time on hand but realize the potential of technology. This book cuts through the clutter and the confusing noise and provides a straight forward path to implementation, not by the million-dollar professionals but by you!